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Monthly Archives: October 2021

    7 steps for moving into your new home

    By Matthew Dakoske | October 29, 2021

    Its official! You’ve finished signing papers and the house is yours! If you haven’t already started getting ready, now is the time to prepare for the big move. Initial feelings of excitement may soon turn into anticipation, chaos and long to-do lists. To help prepare yourself and relieve the stress of moving, follow these seven... Read More

    6 Common Mistakes made when selling you home

    By Admin | October 22, 2021

    Selling a home can be quite the involved and complicated process. To keep it hassle-free from “for-sale” to “sold”, consider avoiding common mistakes others have made when selling their home. Skimping on necessary repairs Ignoring major repairs can halt or even cause the deal to fall through. If the home inspector spots detrimental damage, it... Read More

    4 Perks of Owning a Home

    By Matthew Dakoske | October 15, 2021

    Achieving the title “homeowner” is an accomplishment worthy of celebration! After all, purchasing a home is likely the largest financial transaction most people make in their lifetime, and there are many benefits to owning a safe space to call home. Read More