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If you’re page-flipping through a home magazine or shopping flyer, you know that consumer preferences are constantly evolving. And right now, buyers are showing appreciation for life at home, fueling their want to find a space that better suits their needs. There are certain household features that buyers are on the lookout for.

Simple features like your backyard or extra rooms may just be the key to selling your home to a buyer who is dreaming of exactly what you have.

Room to work

While it’s great to spend more time at home, the apparent need for an efficient and quiet workspace has risen tremendously. Many buyers are interested in having a home office, whether it’s a dedicated room, guest room with flexibility or even just space carved out for a desk within an open area.

The demand for this feature has been heightened by the circumstances due to the pandemic, leaving some parents to multitask at home.

Outdoor living space

We are heading into the colder months in Northern Michigan and feeling cooped up is top of mind when the weather starts to turn spring like. Buyers in today’s hot market are largely looking for homes that have some configuration for time outdoors. That could be a grassy yard, pergola-covered patio, deck complete with rocking chairs or even a balcony in communal-living settings.

The work-from-home lifestyle has been a catalyst for many people to welcome new pets into the family, making the desire for a play space (and a potty spot) for furry friends even greater. Plus, hosting celebrations over video chat has shone light on the importance of gathering in-person with family – and having a proper space that can fit everyone.

Upgrades for an outdoor space are worth investing in when a home is being listed, including a reconfigured seating area and sleek gardening.

An exercise room or area

There’s no question that the past year has forced so many of us to exercise at home. Even as the world has opened back up, many people will continue to workout inside their house. Because of that, a house with a space for health and wellness at home is one of the big trends on the want list this year.

Only a small percentage of listings include mention of a gym, workout space or other fitness amenities in the house but many prospecting homeowners are likely continuing to pursue their exercise at home. And who can blame them?

Having a gym in your home would give you more flexibility. You could exercise before work, after your kids went to bed or while doing the laundry. The convenience of having a gym right in your home could make it harder for you to come up with excuses not to exercise. A home gym is extremely convenient if a person doesn’t have long stretches of time to work out, but was able to find 10 or 15 minutes here and there. You might also enjoy exercising at home on stormy days instead of driving to a gym in bad weather.

Added bonus space: A dynamic kitchen

A living room or family room is where you intend your guests to gather, but let’s face it – everyone ends up piled into the kitchen for snacking, cooking and using the table as a makeshift workstation. Today’s buyers are on the hunt for a kitchen that not just fits their family but works for their family.

Many are interested in a kitchen that’s been renovated with a neutral color palette, modern fixtures (think: stainless or black stainless steel fridge) and a configuration that is comfortable for everyone.

Kitchen renovations, big and small, make a large impact on a home’s resale value.

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