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    I have been a Real Estate Appraiser for 32 years in NY and TX and contact Crystal and 2 other agents to interview to see who could properly take care of my parents who were moving to Minnesota. After speaking with Crystal and my parents also speaking with the 3 agents Crystal was bar far an easy  choice. She was quick to answer my parents questions and very open and honest with me which was appreciated since I’m in the business. I asked Crystal to go through the process with them and how she would like their home staged in order to sell the home in a timely manner. My mom was elated with how much time Crystal took with her to go over everything and I truly felt and have come to know Crystal as being a very sincere professional and human being. I also had her send me sales and listings similar to my parents home and we went over them together and she provided her opinion on the price to list the home at and was very willing to listen to my ideas as well with no hesitation and no ego, which in this business there is a lot of that. She proceeded to work with my parents for the couple of weeks that they needed to get their home ready for showing and always available to answer questions and to provide input. Then came the fun part, she put the home in the MLS on a Friday and by Saturday she had a full price offer on the home. While I understand that not every home will sell like this, I truly believe that due to her knowledge, input, professional connections “Crystal” was a key factor in the quick sale of my parents home. She gave me the piece of mind that my parents were in good hands and that she was treating them as if they were her own parents. Crystal is not only a professional, she is a woman of her word, a hard working individual who works 24-7 for all of her clients. She also found a Realtor for my parents to work with in Minnesota and she too was very similar to Crystal. This is the kind of customer service that I truly believe that you and your loved ones can depend on from Crystal. Thank you Crystal from the bottom of my heart for taking such great care of my parents. Happy Selling!!

    Traverse City, Michigan

    I have dealt with the Dakoske family for over 40 years on real estate issues. JD handled the sale of one my houses in the Arbutus Lake area. From signing a listing agreement to signing the closing papers all aspects of the selling process was handled very professionally. When issues arose they were dealt with immediately. All around very satisfied.

    Traverse City, Michigan

    I absolutely LOVE Crystal. She was so amazing in many ways when it came to selling our house. As many know, selling a house can cause high anxiety. Crystal helped to make that anxiety manageable. I will definitely be using Crystal again in the future. On top of all that, she gave us a gift that she created from the heart, which makes our newer home feel that much more comfortable.

    Grawn, Michigan

    Such a delightful experience working solely with JD Dakoske. Not only was he honest, efficient and well versed on the area but he had an enthusiasm that many lack on a day to day basis. His knowledge of the area and the business is the reason we continue to come back. A true honor working with one  of the areas best realtors. JD’s compassion for the business as well as his clients is unmatched.

    Lake Leelanau, Michigan

    Crystal is great to have if you are looking at anything in the northern MI area. She is extremely responsive at all hours of the day or night and always follows up on everything ASAP ! I have worked with Crystal for over 2 years now and I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for someone to help make the buying process a breeze !

    Rapid City, Michigan

    Jenn was recommended to me by a friend when I was having a hard time finding a house with my current agent and it made all the difference! She made me feel so comfortable buying my first home answering all of my questions and making sure I got the best deal. She would also tell me when to walk away  which made all the difference when I found the right home!

    Traverse City, Michigan

    It was such a pleasure working with Jenn. She was consistently kind and patient with us, helping us every step of the way. Even when we were only anticipating a move within the next couple of years, she was willing to show us around town, take us into a few houses, and help us get to know the area. Due to a job change, we suddenly had an urgent need for a home in the area. When we were ready, so was Jenn! We needed to get into a home fast but it was tough because we were moving to the Traverse City area from downstate. Jenn scheduled showings when it was convenient for us, and was always very responsive and readily available. She really listened to our “wish list” for a new home and ended up jumping on a house that she knew we’d love before it had even gone to market. We got a showing scheduled quickly, she helped us put in a competitive bid, and we were under contract and in our new home fast, which is exactly what we needed! I would definitely recommend Jenn to anyone who needs a knowledgable and professional realtor who really knows the area.

    Lake Ann, Michigan

    I had the pleasure to met Jenn thru my bank when I was starting to think about buying a house. She was friendly and very professional, always on time and very patient with me since I was not sure what I wanted at that time. She kept showing me houses even at her last month of her pregnancy 🙂
    Finally we found THE house, she answered immediately every question or doubt that I had, this was my first time buying a house, she helped and guided me thru the whole process. She is a great realtor who goes above and beyond. I will recommend her for sure with my family and friends!

    Traverse City, Michigan

    Crystal Gober is an excellent example of what every realtor should be. Her attention to detail and attentiveness to her clients is top notch. It really show that she loves what she does and her energy is infectious. Our experience with Crystal was straightforward and stress free. Crystal Gober gets results.

    Traverse City, Michigan

    Jenn is a great realtor to work with. She is very knowledgeable and personable. I highly recommend her!

    Traverse City, Michigan